Looking for a print of your favorite MotoTintype image?  After exhibiting large-scale enlargements (typically 4'x5') of our original 4"x5" plates, we have an excellent relationship with a fine arts printer in San Francisco, and use archival Arches paper coated with a special ceramic surface, for an amazing image quality.

To make our enlargements, the plate is scanned at 3200dpi, with creates an image file of around 500mB - enough information to cover a billboard.  The goal is clarity, although at such an intense resolution, it takes 6 or 7 hours per scan to 'clean up' the random chemisty residue left on the photograph's surface.   The reward is a remarkably clear, warm toned image of the first quality.

We can print in the following sizes:

44" x 56"  

36" x 44"  

16" x 20"  

8" x 10"   

Contact us directly to place an order: click here.